Make Sure You’re Following These 5 Steps Before Going To The Dentist For A Dental Cleaning!

Dental appointments can be a little nerve-wracking. You have to sit in this intimidating contraption with your mouth wide open for minutes or hours on end. And although the procedure in itself is slightly jarring, the results are definitely worth it, especially in the case of dental cleaning.

But what should you do before going to the dentist for a dental cleaning? Is there something special you need to do? Luckily, we’ve compiled a list of all the DOs and DONTs in this blog, so you have nothing to worry about!

What To Expect Before Teeth Cleaning?

You might think a dental cleaning is the same as other dental procedures, but that’s not the case. There are quite a few factors that set dental cleaning apart from other procedures. And if you’re about to go for your first-ever dental cleaning, here are some things you should expect:

  1. Your dentist will most likely examine your dental health, leading to a thorough oral examination.
  2. The process of dental cleaning isn’t long, but it could be time-consuming if you have fillings or need other dental work done.
  3. Be prepared to have your teeth scaled, polished, brushed, and flossed by the dentist and dental hygienist.
  4. You will be experiencing a lot of different textures, so make sure you’re ready to handle that if textures easily overstimulate you
  5. Chances are, your dentist will end the procedure with a fluoride treatment to strengthen your teeth and gums.

What Should You Do Before Going To The Dentist For A Cleaning?

Now that you know what things to expect before your dental cleaning appointment, what should you do? How can you ensure your appointment goes smoothly?

Well, for starters, make sure your oral hygiene is up to the mark. Even though you’re getting your teeth professionally deep cleaned, you don’t want the dentist to faint, do you? Thus, in order to have a successful appointment, try following the tips mentioned below.

Brush Your Teeth

Although this is a general rule of thumb, you cannot miss out on brushing your teeth. Brush for at least two minutes with proper toothpaste and toothbrush.

Floss Those Gums

A lot of people skip flossing, but it’s an essential part of your oral hygiene. Opt for wax-covered floss so it doesn’t irritate your gums or cause bleeding.

Don’t Forget To Swish Some Mouthwash

Before leaving for your appointment, quickly rinse your mouth with mouthwash. A non-alcoholic mouthwash can help get rid of bacteria and bad breath all in one go.

Clean Your Tongue

This might seem excessive, but your tongue is where most bacteria lie, leading to foul breath. With a tongue scraper, gently clean the surface of your tongue, so all the white stuff is brushed away.

Take a Painkiller Before Heading Out

Most dentists recommend their patients take a painkiller before and after the dental appointment. This is so that there’s less pain directed from the cleaning, reducing toothache and sensitivity.

What Not To Do Before Your Dental Cleaning Appointment

As vital as it is for you to follow all the DOs, there are also some DON’Ts you should be aware of, such as the following:

Before going to the dentist, Do Not whiten your teeth. Save it for after the procedure.

Do Not scrub your teeth and gums. While brushing, be gentle and firm, but try not to irritate your mouth.

Do Not eat before your teeth cleaning appointment. This can further stain your teeth and will delay the process even more.

Punctuality is key. Do Not be late for your appointment, as it takes time to evaluate your dental health and then move on to the cleaning procedure.

Looking To Get Your Teeth Deep Cleaned?

Getting your teeth professionally cleaned can be overwhelming, but don’t worry. As long as you follow the steps mentioned above, your dental appointment will be over before you know it. Nonetheless, in case of any queries or concerns, reach out to Rio Dental at (210) 785-8526. You can also call us to schedule an appointment or drop by our dental clinic at 2811 Hillcrest Dr, San Antonio, TX 78201, near Villasol Insurance Solutions LLC.



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