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Dr. Sidra Iqbal and her team at Rio Dental is proud to provide patients with the highest quality dental care, with a unique, gentle approach that ensures their comfort. We specialize in state-of-the-art dental practice in San Antonio and nearby areas to help patients achieve great oral health, keep disease at bay, prevent complications and attain a bright smile they can be proud of.
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Dental Care For The Entire Family

From the very beginning, our aim has always been to treat patients like family. We treat every member of the community with attention and care, listening carefully to their dental concerns so we can determine the best treatment strategy for their needs. We know that we have to be sensitive to the healthcare needs of Texans from all walks of life, and we make sure all of our patients are comfortable and relaxed during their appointments.
Dental Care For The Entire Family
Our Holistic Dentistry Approach

Our Holistic Dentistry Approach

At Rio Dental, we use a unique approach that presents a departure from traditional dental methods of the past and focuses on not just a person’s specific oral health concerns. Whereas traditional dentists may only treat the issue causing the symptoms, our experienced dental staff hones in on the exact reason for a disruption in your oral health.

We look at your oral health as an indicator of your overall health, including your physical and mental wellbeing. Since all the organs in the body act together as a system to help you function, we diagnose and treat your conditions in the overall context of your health. For example, patients with bruxism often have poor oral health and worn teeth, but the source of their teeth grinding may be a result of poor mental health.

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