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At RIO Dental in San Antonio, dental bridges can help you regain the normal function of your mouth. By closing the gaps of missing teeth, you’ll be able to enjoy a more comfortable lifestyle. No more painful and challenging mouth movements while talking or chewing food! Our bridges use the highest quality material and require minimal maintenance, providing superior durability for years of use. Schedule an appointment today and get one step closer to feeling confident in your smile again.
What Are Oral Bridges?
Oral bridges, also known as dental bridges, get their name by bridging gaps between two teeth. In the instance of a lost tooth, a dental bridge can cover the void left by the missing tooth, giving the impression that the entire set of teeth is intact, complete, and healthy.
Are Dental Bridges Temporary or Permanent?
Dental bridges are made of sturdy materials but are not permanent. They provide a long-term solution to your dental problem, and if properly maintained, they can last for more than ten years – up to 20 years.
What Are Some Signs That You May Need Oral Bridges?

The following are some indications that you may require a bridge.

  • Frequent pain
  • Mismatching lower and upper teeth
  • Noticeable damage
  • Loose fit
  • Speaking with difficulties
  • Stained or discolored teeth
  • An unnatural look of teeth
Who Can Benefit From Dental Bridges?
Patients in San Antonio who have experienced tooth loss can now benefit from the incredible results of dental bridges. Dental bridges bridge the gap created by missing teeth and provide support for a secure fit and natural appearance. They can be used to close spaces between teeth and restore alignment, thereby giving San Antonio residents a beautiful, healthy smile. Dental bridges are highly versatile, made from porcelain or metal fused with advanced bonding techniques that make them look just like a patient’s natural teeth. The results speak for themselves: patients love new smiles that last for years! San Antonians can trust their local dentists to offer quality care backed by years of experience and expertise.
What Is The Process For Getting Dental Bridges?
Obtaining a dental bridge is a simple process, during which the abutment teeth that will hold the bridge in place are initially prepared. An impression of your teeth will be taken, and then a replica, or false tooth, is cast to match it. The pontics – or fake teeth – are created from various materials such as gold, porcelain alloys, or combinations of several materials, depending on the situation. These are then held in place by natural teeth or implants that our dental professionals have previously placed. To complete the procedure, the oral bridge is firmly affixed and adjusted where necessary for a natural-looking smile that you’ll be proud to show off!
Oral Bridges
Get Dental Bridges from Rio Dental in San Antonio
RIO Dental in San Antonio should be your first stop if you want a high-quality dental bridge. Our experienced dentists can bridge any gap, whether you need a permanent traditional bridge or something more cutting-edge, such as a cantilever or resin-bonded bridge. Our commitment to ongoing education and training ensures that our patients have access to the latest advances in dentistry. We are passionate about delivering the ultimate smile experience using comfortable treatments and ensuring your health and safety each step of the way. Please book an appointment with us today and finally get that beautiful, healthy smile you’ve been waiting for!
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