Emergency Dental Care In San Antonio, TX 78201

What is emergency dental care?

Emergency dental care is care provided to anyone who is experiencing an unexpected concern in regard to their dental or oral health. This can include an injury to the mouth, sudden or increased pain, or loss of a tooth. These types of visits are conducted in a few different settings, and you may see a few different kinds of oral health practitioners. The purpose is to provide care to those in emergent need, often during non-business hours for routine dentist offices.

When should I seek emergency dental care?

Choosing to seek emergency dental care comes down to the nature of the emergency. You need to consider what is happening in your mouth and if you can wait for your regular dentist to see you. Emergency dental care should only be used by patients seeking immediate medical attention and never for minor aches or routine dental checkups. For that, you should see your family dentist!

What are the most common dental emergencies?

If you think you are experiencing a dental emergency, then you need to see a dentist. The most common dental emergencies include:

  • Significant toothaches causing uncontrollable pain
  • A knocked-out tooth
  • An abscess in the mouth
  • Teeth that are chipped or broken
  • A crown or filling that has fallen out
  • Excess bleeding after a dental procedure that will not slow
  • Broken pieces of orthodontic equipment such as braces
What happens during an emergency dental care visit?

During an emergency dental care visit, you will visit a clinic that runs during the off-hours of traditional dentist offices. You will see a dentist that is on call, often an oral surgeon who is trained in common dental problems as well as severe ones.

Your dentist will take a look at your concern and determine the best course of action for you at that moment. Sometimes, this may be immediate care. However, if your concern is deemed non emergent, you may be given ways to manage the situation until you can see your regular dentist.

Where can I receive emergency dental care?

Emergency dental care is offered in a few places, but your best bet is to call your family dentist first. Oftentimes, your office has an option on their answering machine when they are closed where you can be connected to an on-call dentist. They will listen to your concerns and tell you where to go. Sometimes, they can meet you at the office. Other times, you’ll be sent to the nearest emergency dental care facility.

If you do not have a family dentist, it’s recommended to go to the emergency room, and they can assess the situation and then send you to the proper facility. Hospitals unfortunately cannot do much for dental concerns, but they can provide pain relief and assist with bleeding until you can get the proper help.

Emergency Dental Care
Final Thoughts

Emergency dental care is for anyone experiencing a dental emergency such as a chipped tooth or sudden and uncontrollable bleeding of the gums. You should call your dentist office first for dental emergencies as they can best direct you to someone who can help. However, seeking help at an emergency room is also an option as they can find an office that is open who can help you!

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