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At RIO Dental, teeth whitening in San Antonio is an easy and effective way to brighten your teeth for a beautiful smile. We offer teeth whitening services that are done either in our dental office or at home, depending on what best fits your lifestyle. If you choose the teeth whitening solution that needs to be done at home, we will provide you with detailed instructions on how to use it properly and monitor the teeth whitening results until you achieve the desired effect.

Our dentists can tell if you’re eligible for teeth whitening services as various factors come into play when it comes to teeth whitening. Reach out to us today and find out if teeth whitening can help brighten your smile!

Teeth Whitening
Professional Teeth Whitening Procedure in San Antonio
Teeth whitening is often done using trays and serums.

Two kinds of serums can be used: bleaching and non-bleaching.

Non-bleaching serums whiten the teeth a few shades lighter by removing surface stains. These stains are not deep enough into the tooth enamel to require a chemical such as bleach. They restore the teeth to their natural color that is cohesive with the rest of your mouth!

Bleaching methods bring teeth to that bright white shade that’s not natural looking but beautiful! Bleaching serums are often used when it’s clear the patient has deep, set-in stains that need to be removed. Bleaching serums are often used as the second step when non-bleaching serums don’t do the trick.

Teeth whitening in San Antonio has never been easier. Thanks to customized teeth whitening trays, you can easily achieve a whiter smile. Creating the ideal fit is easy when our dentist creates trays made of resin that perfectly fit the shape of your teeth. You can even take them home and wear them overnight or wear them with serum in our office for up to an hour for quick treatment. Your teeth will then be primed and ready to reveal their new and brighter appearance.

Why Would I Need Teeth Whitening?
Achieving a beautiful and radiant smile can be easy with a teeth whitening treatment from your San Antonio dentist. You might have noticed discoloration on your teeth, often caused by poor oral hygiene, wearing braces, genetics, or smoking. Fortunately, teeth whitening services can help restore a bright and beaming smile regardless of the source of your stains. Our dentists have extensive experience handling such dental conditions and would be glad to help ensure you get the best results possible. Contact us today to learn more about our teeth whitening services and get one step closer to a perfect smile.

Looking for a dental office near me to get your teeth whitened professionally? Visit RIO Dental San Antonio, Texas.

Who Is Eligible For Teeth Whitening?

As long as your teeth and mouth are in proper health, you are likely eligible for teeth whitening. If you have any of the following health conditions, you’ll need to approach teeth whitening with caution:

  • Gum or tooth sensitivity
  • Low tooth enamel
  • Fragile teeth that are prone to breaking
  • Oral health diseases
  • If you have had chemotherapy or radiation
Teeth Whitening
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