Snoring and Sleep Apnea Treatment in San Antonio

Snoring, although common among nearly half of the adult population, can be a warning sign for severe health issues. It is characterized by rough or harsh breathing sounds that are partially blocked during sleep and could have detrimental consequences if left untreated. Occasional snorers may just need rest or to abstain from alcohol consumption in order to alleviate their snoring; however, habitual snorers should seek medical attention as it may signal an underlying health problem or sleep disorder.
If you’re searching for an answer to your snoring and sleep apnea treatment in San Antonio, come visit the caring professionals at Rio Dental. We guarantee that you’ll receive the highest quality care available – no matter what!

Pinpointing the Source of Your Habitual Snoring


Your oral and nasal anatomy can notably influence snoring. When the palate is low or thick, it has a tendency to vibrate with respiration during slumber, thus causing more pronounced snoring. An excessively lengthy palate and uvula also have the potential to limit airflow; this consequently leads to increased loudness when sleeping.

Nasal Problems

Nasal obstructions, such as deviated septum or nasal polyps, and allergies that cause swelling of the airways can all contribute to snoring. This is because they narrow down the pathways through which air passes during respiration, causing turbulence in their flow. Allergies should not be neglected either; if left untreated for long enough there’s a chance that it may even lead to formation of additional sinus blockades.

Sleep Apnea

Known as obstructive sleep apnea, this serious issue can lead to brief periods of airway closure and relentless wakefulness in the night. Those suffering from sleep apnea may gasp for air several times a night; consequently, they have difficulty getting restful sleep. This can also result in daytime fatigue, headaches and even drowsiness while driving on the roads. If you’re looking for a better way to combat sleep apnea in San Antonio, don’t wait any longer – visit our expert specialists today and start your journey towards improved rest!

Do I Face Any Potential Risk?

An alarming statistic from the National Institute of Health reveals that 1 in 5 adult Americans battle with sleep apnea, of which 9 out 10 go undiagnosed. The locals who meet any or all criteria below are most prone to developing this sleeping disorder or sleep apnea in San Antonio:

  • Men
  • who are overweight
  • over the age of forty
  • frequently have alcoholic drinks

Discover if you may be at risk of sleep apnea in San Antonio by taking our survey and finding out your chances of dozing off during any part of the day. If you recognize any signs or symptoms that apply to you as well as belong in a high-risk category, then make an appointment with our best sleep specialists. A speedy diagnosis followed by convenient treatment could bring restful nights again and give back those days full of energy – not to mention potentially save your life!

Sleep Apnea in San Antonio
CPAP Therapy

CPAP Therapy – A Tried-and-Tested Approach

After a diagnosis of sleep apnea in San Antonio, doctors commonly prescribe their patients with Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) devices to help them get the quality rest they need. This machine utilizes compressed air through either a nasal pillow, nose mask, or full-face mask to keep the patient’s airways open and facilitate normal respiration. In this way, the CPAP helps sufferers of sleep apnea enjoy deep restorative slumber without interruption from snoring or breathing problems.

While CPAP is generally accepted as the most effective treatment for sleep apnea, shockingly only around 40% of patients actually use it on a consistent basis due to its discomfort and inconvenience. The bulkiness, noise level, difficulty sleeping in and traveling with a CPAP mask all contribute to this low rate of usage.

If your sleep apnea symptoms in San Antonio are not serious enough to require CPAP or surgery, we can help you get a restful night’s sleep with our custom-made mouth appliance. This device will open up your airways during the night and allow for normal breathing while sleeping. We provide multiple mouthpiece options since we understand that one size does not fit all when it comes to the needs of our patients.

Take Control of Sleep Apnea

Are you concerned about sleep apnea? Dr. Sidra Iqbal is eager to provide assistance! With a straightforward and non-intrusive treatment of oral appliance therapy, your dentist in San Antonio can help you reclaim your nights, days, wellness, and life if it’s confirmed. Reach out to us at Rio Dental today or schedule an online FREE CONSULTATION for the first step towards healing.

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