Why Is Deep Dental Cleaning Necessary?

Making professional dental cleaning a regular part of oral health maintenance is fruitful in the longer run. There are 2 ways to cleanse teeth, standard and deep teeth cleaning. In this blog, we will give details about the difference amongst them and why is deep dental cleaning necessary.

Mostly, ordinary teeth cleaning comprises of scaling and polishing which is enough for people. However, deep dental cleaning is recommended or more like a necessity for patients who suffer from gum diseases like gingivitis or periodontitis, with more emphasis on the latter.

What Actually Is A Teeth Deep Cleaning Procedure?

When bacterial manifestation is limited to the upper layers of teeth, like over the gum line, regular scaling and root planing suffice. While scaling, the dentists use an ultrasonic machine to get rid of the plaque and calcified tartar. At the same time, the root planing digs further and cleans the remnants.

The before and after of deep teeth cleaning is very different. The difference between regular and this one is the extent of cleaning that takes place. The deep teeth cleaning process revolves around plaque removal from those areas of the teeth that are below the gum line.

Washing out or cleansing this area greatly reduces the gap present between the teeth and gums which is due to gum disease.

How To Know If One Needs A Deep Dental Cleaning Or Not?

The answer to your question is clinical examination. It is wise to keep a self-check. However, whether or not deep cleaning is needed, this can be determined by a dentist only.

They have multiple tools to check whether or not there is a need for deep cleaning.

For starters, The Clinical Exam – Your dental expert will search for swelling and gum bleeding (if any) surrounding the teeth. Other than that, they check for teeth mobility. If they move, there is a strong chance of bone loss.

Periodontal Probe – will detect a pocket near the tooth (sulcus).

Dental X-rays – through the X-ray results, the dentist examine the bone level as well as the shape of your bone present near the tooth root.

Assessment for bone loss and subsequent damage, depth and angle will showcase how much deep cleaning is required.

Final Words

If your dentist thinks that deep dental cleaning is a must, then regular cleaning will not help to maintain proper oral health. Why don’t you get in touch with professionals from Rio Dental for further talks? Dial (210) 785-8526 to connect with us.



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