What To Eat After Root Canal Procedure?

We understand the jittery feeling of undergoing a root canal; however, it is a smart move to plan ahead of time, especially when it comes to eating. Knowing what to eat after a root canal is pivotal for its success. Start off by having a good pantry filled with soft foods ready at home to make your recovery fast and easy. Foods that need less chewing reduce stress on your treated tooth.

What To Not Do After Root Canal?

Before we get down to the elaborate list of foods you can eat after getting a root canal, there are a few things you must avoid.

  • Steer clear of brushing your teeth with pressure. Instead, slowly clean your teeth and be extra careful and gentle around the treated tooth. You cannot stop brushing your teeth since the rest of the lot needs proper dental care.
  • Do not use that side of the mouth that underwent a root canal until it receives its dental crown.
  • No alcohol for at least 3 weeks after the procedure.
  • No smoking at all after root canal therapy to minimize the chances of developing a dry socket.

Food Items You Can Eat After Root Canal

It is best to make a comprehensive list of the right kind of foods you can eat post-root canal during the healing phase. Moreover, keeping in mind the nutritional requirements is a must for a healthier body and a better recovery.

The following list is a mesh of suggestions for what you can eat post-procedure. You must only eat soft foods and steer clear of hot and spicy foods after a root canal. Here are some soft foods that will not irritate your tooth after this procedure.


  • Softly scrambled eggs
  • Mashed tuna
  • Hummus
  • Mashed tofu
  • Peanut butter (with no chunks)
  • Boiled beans


  • Yogurt smoothies
  • Avocado paste
  • Soft cheese

Fruits and Vegetables

  • Broth
  • Soup
  • Mashed bananas
  • Mashed mangos
  • Mashed potatoes
  • Pureed sweet potato


  • Instant oatmeal
  • Quinoa
  • Couscous
  • Soft-boiled Pasta
  • Soft bread

Foods to Avoid After a Root Canal

  • Food or drinks with high temperatures, both hot and cold.
  • Steer clear of sticky foods like taffy, gum, and hard candies.
  • Do not indulge in chewy foods such as crusty sourdough.
  • Avoid hard foods like nuts.
  • No pretzels and chips for the time being.

Does this mean you have to bid farewell to these items forever? No. Once your permanent crown is on the treated tooth, you can get back to your normal eating habits, but with a lot of caution. If you notice the area of the treated tooth is sore after chewing, hold off on it for another day or two.

Closing Note

Using your thinking capabilities to decide what you can and cannot eat after a root canal is necessary. If your tooth is feeling sensitive longer than it should be, wait it out for a few more days and then get in touch with Dr. Sidra Iqbal at Rio Dental. Our services are aimed at healing your teeth. Only by adhering to the aftercare instructions can you ensure a successful recovery. If you wish to learn more about our root canal service, dial (210) 785-8526 to schedule an appointment with us.



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