Probable Reasons For Pimple Growth On Tongue

Our tongue is a muscular organ, and the thought of a pimple growing on it may seem absurd. A pimple results from clogged oil glands or pores, and since there are none present on the tongue, how does it happen then? Well, the pimple-like structure you feel is actually a bump.

The changes happening in the oral cavity are the last of concern. However, it should be one of the top priorities. The growth of tongue pimples could be anything ranging from something simple such as a lie bump that eases on its own or anything as grave as a cancer bump.

What Is A Tongue Bump Or Pimple?

Your tongue houses a mucous membrane surface that is covered with papillae structures, and the taste buds are found between them. More often than not, because of the haphazard eating regime, there is an accidental biting of the tongue. This results in the papillae growing more prominent in size because of severe inflammation. The protrusion mimics a pimple and is very painful.

Pimple on The Tongue – Causes

Here is a list of a few possible causes because of which tongue bumps may grow:

Lie Bumps on Tongue

They show up visually in the form of either red or white pimple structures. A common trigger of the growth is high spice content foods. If the pimple-like structures on the tongue emerge after you eat anything hot, the reason is spice. Such bumps are termed transient lie bumps. They mostly resolve themselves and do not require medical intervention.

Canker Sores in Mouth

A canker sore is a painful lesion of white appearance lined with swollen red tissues. They look like a white pimple on the tongue surface.

Canker sores are of various proportions and are also found on the cheeks and, gums, inner portion of the lips as well. Amongst few people, food is thought to be a major trigger for canker sores development. On the other hand, hormonal issues, stress, and malnutrition also contribute to it.

Canker Sores – Symptoms

  • Swollen lymph nodes and fever
  • Painful pimple-like structure on the tongue
  • circular or oval-shaped ulcer

Canker Sore – Treatment
Fortunately, canker sores resolve without medical treatment. However, they stay on for about 1 week to 10 days. If the lesion is painful, one can use a saltwater rinse to lessen the irritation.


Few foods can cause a pimple to appear on the tongue, which swells up because of inflammation. Making the oral cavity suffer from rashes, difficulty in breathing, etc. In such a case scenario, contact your nearby hospital for treatment.

Treatment – Pimple on the Tongue

Bacterial infections are easily resolved using antibiotics. On the other hand, bumps because of any other reason are solved by the following methods:

  • Not eating spicy foods
  • Using salt water rinse as a mouthwash
  • Increase hydration
  • Avoiding potential triggers
  • meditation for stress relief


If you are concerned about the growth of a pimple on your tongue, contact one of our professionals at Rio Dental in San Antonio, TX. Call 210 785 8526 now.



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