How Can Wisdom Teeth Cause Headaches?

Entering adulthood opens the gates of wisdom teeth growth. More often than not, these protrusions bring issues like swelling and inflammation of the gums with them. However, there are other common signs that cannot be missed: jaw pain and headaches that wisdom teeth growth cause.

Can Wisdom Teeth Cause Headaches In Adults?

Your wisdom teeth are the last molars to come in, so naturally have a limited area to grow into. That is why, at the time of emerging, wisdom teeth put pressure on the gums and jaw causing headaches too.

Experiencing neck or headache from wisdom tooth arrival is not something “unnatural” or “abnormal.” However, you do not have to stay in pain all the time. Talk to your dentists to learn pain management tricks.

How Are Headaches Unavoidable During Wisdom Teeth Growth?

Your bite, as well as jaw positions, change with added force. The joints may swell and push against ear muscles whenever they are flexed. So, the unnatural force to accommodate wisdom teeth is the cause of headaches.

Moreover, enhanced tension of the jawbone may metastasize to the neck resulting in neck pain. So, both headaches, as well as neck pain are signs of a wisdom tooth.

Signs You Have Impacted Wisdom Teeth

So, what does the word “impacted” signifies?

It means that the tooth has not erupted entirely and properly. It may be coming up at an angle, pushing against other molars, or it may just be stuck inside the jaw.

If that is the case, you may require oral health tooth extractions. Some characteristic signs that show the presence of an impacted wisdom tooth include:

Pain in the back of the mouth
Serious, chronic pain in the backside of your mouth is something that indicates wisdom teeth infection or impaction.

Sore and Stiff Jaw
Soreness is a complication of inflammation, and stiffness is a result of it. In some instances, even the simplest of jaw movements become an issue.

Color changes of the gums
Change in gum tone near the wisdom teeth is a marker of bacterial accumulation. With their manifestation, they tend to grow in size and turn dark or red rather than normal pink color.

Foul breath (halitosis)
Bacterial buildup inside the mouth also causes bad breath and the chances of happening increase with impacted wisdom teeth. The reason is their site makes cleaning difficult.

Wisdom Teeth Pain along with Headaches – Treatment

One of the most common remedies to treat wisdom teeth pain along with headaches is the use of Aspirin. It significantly dulls the ache.

Hot or cold Compress
You got hot and cold therapy. Applying an ice compress to your affected area can greatly reduce inflammation and swelling; consequently, there is a decline in pain. At the same time, heating pads loosen tensed muscles to improve blood flow.

If none of the remedies seems to be working, then dentists can perform wisdom teeth removal too. You can contact us if you live in the vicinity of San Antonio for help. The process is entirely pain-free with the help of anesthetics.

Final Outlook

Wisdom teeth growth is uncomfortable and causes pain in the tooth, headaches, etc. You can always get a detailed examination of your third molar arrival for better handling of the situation. Contact experts of Rio Dental for more information at 210 785 8526.



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