Does Your Jaw Hurt On One Side?

Alarmed by the intense jaw pain on one side of your mouth? We understand that this situation is scary, and you would go into panic mode because of the jaw popping issue. You must know why does your jaw hurt to get rid of it for good. We are here to put you at ease. Relax; your jaw pain on either one side or both is not an immediate source of concern.

However, the discomfort one has to suffer from is a terrifying experience; which is why we urge you to make an appointment with the dentist in San Antonio at Rio Dental to help you get symptomatic relief. Stay until the end to know what causes jaw pain on one side, either left-right or both.

Reasons Why Your Jaw Hurts So Bad

There are several causes, and we have jotted down the top 11 for you.

TMJ disorder

A TMJ disorder is the disease of the temporomandibular joint, which connects the skull and jaw. There lies a disk that separates the bones which make this joint and helps them move in a fluid motion. If because of any hit or trauma it misaligns, you may experience excruciating pain along with other symptoms such as tenderness, clicking when you open your mouth, and earaches.


Bruxism is excessive teeth grinding that takes a toll on the jaw bone and the individual’s oral health. In this condition, the patient involuntarily starts grinding teeth that put extra pressure resulting in pain.

Oral Health

If you do not follow a proper oral care regime, you develop cavities in your teeth. If cavities grow on the wisdom, there is a high chance that your jaw hurts on that one side.


Sinusitis is the inflammation of sinus cavities that are present all over your face, even behind the jaw, in case. Inflammation of such cavities can make your jaw hurt behind the ear.

Abscessed Tooth

A tooth abscess is a late stage of an infection which is an accumulation of infected pus in the center of the tooth. Bacteria are mainly responsible for this.

Tension Headache

Stress is the leading cause of discomfort and pain in the head and jaw on both or one side.

Swimmer’s Ears

It is an infection of the ear canal that is running from through the eardrum towards the opening of the ear. The reason behind its emergence is bacteria, viruses or fungus, and children are more likely to contract it.

Myofascial Pain Syndrome

It is a referral pain that causes pressure on certain points to be felt elsewhere in the body.

Wisdom Tooth Infection

Your wisdom teeth reside at the back of your jaw, and if they get infected, then you can feel pain and discomfort on that one side of your jaw.

Dislocated Jaw

In case of trauma or an injury, your jaw can dislocate from its place, making it difficult to move or work at all with your mouth.

Salivary Stones

Salivary stones emerge at the duct and can fall in any range of size. Since the location of this gland is at the back of your mouth, the stones often put pressure on the jaw, making them hurt.


If you are experiencing dizziness and sharp tooth pain, it is time to get to the dentist’s chair. Talk to one of our professionals from Rio Dental at 210 785 8526.



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