Diving Into The World of Dental Implants | Pros and Cons

Dental implants are the perfect solution for those missing teeth, whether you have lost a tooth due to an accident or decay. They offer a reliable solution to restore your pearly whites. However, like any other procedure, dental implants come with their own set of pros and cons. So let’s dive in and see whether they are the right fit for you.

5 Pros and Cons of Dental Implants As A Solution To Your Missing Teeth

Here is a comprehensive list of advantages and disadvantages that come with dental implants:

  1. They Look and Function Like Natural Teeth
    It is not easy to live with a gap in between your teeth; it takes a toll on your personality and oral well-being. Fortunately, dental implants are a very popular and effective solution to fill the missing tooth gap, and guess what the best part is? Nobody can tell that it is not your real tooth!
  2. They Last A Lifetime
    The material of the anchor part of your implant is specially designed to efficiently fuse with the jaw bone; this process is known as osseointegration. Since the fusion is on a biological level, it is permanent and lasts forever.
  3. Prevention of Jawbone Degeneration
    Another of the pros of dental implants is that they help minimize bone loss in the jaw. Dental implants actually bond with your jawbone to accelerate bone rejuvenation.
  4. Improves Facial Sagging
    As stated earlier, your jawbone needs a stimulus (tooth root) to stay alive, and when there is nothing there, it starts deteriorating. When those roots are no longer there, your jawbone loses its strength and density.
    Degenerated bone means facial skin sagging from that place. So, when dental implants give life to your bone, they also prevent your skin from loosening.
  5. Easy to Maintain
    You do not really have to go above and beyond to maintain these structures in your mouth. All you have to do is simply brush, floss, and rinse with a mouthwash to ward off bacterial presence.

Cons of Getting Dental Implants

Although a good solution, there are some disadvantages to it as well.

  1. Dent on Your Pocket
    It is a factor that you must consider before starting your journey. Setting up a budget will help you stay in your lane and not go overboard. Some types of dental insurance may not cover dental implants, so you must pay the entire out-of-pocket amount. While dental implants are the greatest long-term option for tooth loss, the initial cost is higher than with other techniques.
  2. Additional Surgical Procedures
    The fact that dental implants need surgery may be enough to prevent some people from proceeding with implants. Some people may need additional surgeries, such as bone grafting. Although the operation is safe and effective, some still want to avoid it.
  3. Comorbidities
    You cannot qualify for this life-changing treatment if you have other medical issues, like aversion to anesthetics or physical complications.

Closing Note

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