4 Tips For Braces Pain Relief If They Hurt After Being Put On

One question must be on the top of the list if you have braces on “do they hurt?” It is commonly thought that the placement of braces on the teeth is painful. However, good for us that it is not. Although we do not advocate that the days after are also the same, it is understandable that you may feel discomfort and pressure after getting them on.

Why Do Braces Hurt?

Basically, the orthodontic treatment itself is not the reason for pain, but its functionality and phenomenon of working are what causes this trouble.

There is no other way, but braces are a requirement in order to align the teeth. And for that, they exert pressure on them via wire and brackets – in traditional ones, that is why your mouth hurts after getting them on. The good news is that now a days, modern aligners are available custom made for pain reduction; however, nothing is free from a set of cons.

How Long Do Braces Hurt After Placement?

After placement, you may feel mild irritation along with pain which is because of the wires putting pressure on the teeth. Usually, the pain lasts around 5 days to a maximum 1 week. Gradually, after this, the pain starts fading away. Your cheek surrounding and lips may require some more time to adjust to the foreign body in their territory.

Placement day

The setting up procedure is not painful at all. However, right after the dentist is done, it will hurt a little because of pressure. You will need some time but gradually adjust to the change. It is best not to get involved in eating right away after getting braces on. Relax for the first few days, and enjoy soft foods and shakes.

The Following Day

The day right after and the following 2 days may feel uneasy. This is because of the teeth realignment and bone changing its direction; therefore, it has got to hurt a bit. Here are a few things for reducing the pain discussed in the following paragraphs of this blog.

After a week

After one week passes, the pain majorly fades off, and the mouth accepts its presence in its territory. Eating food gets easier, although making the right choices is crucial. Any hard or chewy food will detach the braces.

Remedies to Help You Get through This

Ice Packs, Ice cream, or cold water

Shoving a popsicle will reduce pain? Hand it over! This may seem like a child’s dream, but the effect is true. The pain and inflammation go down a considerable amount.

Soft Food items

Choice food is critical as hard one will break off the braces from the teeth, causing pain.

OTC pain killers

Painkillers are a good source of relief for the time being. There are multiple options, such as ibuprofen naproxen to choose from in the form of gels, syrups, or tablets.

Orthodontic Dental wax

Contact between the cheek and braces cause wear and tear of the tissues inside. In such cases, orthodontic wax provides a soft barrier between them, decreasing friction.


Braces hurt after a few days, but that pain subsides as well. All you should think about is the after the result of this treatment, your pearly whites. Get in touch with a dentist atRio Dental for your needs. Call 210 785 8526 for more.



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