11 Ways You Can Maintain Your Teeth Whitening Results

Is your pearly white smile losing its charm after teeth whitening? Well, there could be many reasons this may be happening, from age factors to dietary choices – anything could be it. If you are concerned about maintaining your teeth’ whiteness, then this blog is a perfect piece of reading for you.

Grab a seat to learn about the top 11 tips that’ll help keep your teeth healthy and white after professional teeth whitening.

Dietary Changes – Avoid Eating/Drinking Stain Producing Food or Drinks

So many food items can leave a stain behind on your teeth. Some of the common beverages include coffee, red wine, berries, fizzy drinks, etc. There is no need to eradicate the entire food group for good; however, limiting the use can benefit your teeth post-whitening.

Good Oral Hygiene Regime

It is one of the most important things that you need to do. There is nothing that can replace cleaning to achieve a bright smile.

No rocket science is involved; simply brush your teeth at least 2 times a day or post every meal if possible. Also, do not forget to add floss once each day.

Thoroughly Rinse With Water After Eating Pigmented Meals

As mentioned earlier, some food items are loaded with stain-producing pigments in them. So, to retain your whiteness after professional teeth whitening, either steer clear of such food or rinse your mouth with water after a meal.

Incorporate Food That Can Whiten Your Teeth

You can eat foods like white rice, white pasta, boiled eggs, and foods of such kind that do not have dark colors after teeth whitening to maintain their shade.

Use A Straw For Beverages

If you cannot live without having a cup of coffee every morning or are a casual drinker, consider using a straw for doing that. Straws limit the reach of liquids to your teeth, saving them from staining.

Smoking Cessation

Tobacco use in any form is strictly harmful to health. In dental terms, tobacco deeply stains the tooth enamel, so much so that even bleaching cannot get rid of the job sometimes.

Whitening Toothpaste

Nowadays, you ask for one whitening toothpaste, and Google will give out multiple results. This is because almost every other company has now introduced mild whitening agents incorporated in toothpaste, which helps keep the brightness alive.

No Rigorous Brushing

Your enamel is a tough layer that guards the inner parts of your teeth. However, with continuous hard brushing, your enamel can wear off, making your teeth susceptible to staining. This is more problematic after teeth whitening since the enamel is already weak and porous.

At-Home Whitening Kits

Ask your dentist to provide you with exclusive at-home whitening kits. You can find one at the grocery store, but it may pose a threat to your teeth. A dental care expert will devise one suitable to cater to your specific needs.

Consider Professional Teeth Whitening

Professional teeth whitening is a perfect solution to keep up with your bright white teeth. However, do ask your dentist about the intervals one should maintain between two visits.

Bi-Annual Teeth Cleaning

Regular dental exams can help you find issues with your teeth in the early stages as well as aid in maintaining your teeth color post-whitening process.

Closing Note

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