Strep throat – Causes and Treatments

Once you have an onset of strep infection because of the bacterial attack in your system, you are most likely to suffer from it periodically. But how long is a strep throat infection supposed to last after the first attack?

Every individual’s condition is different; therefore, its time period, severity, and other factors vary from one person to another.

How Long Is A Strep Infection Supposed To Last?

Sore throat is one of the early signs, a primary marker of having a strep infection. The condition is similar to tonsillitis. Both of these conditions may seem similar, but they are not; tonsils are a part of the overall throat area.

Strep throat takes as long as 7 to 10 days to complete its course without the use of antibiotics. It seems like a long span; however, the signs start to ease off with appropriate attention after it surpasses 2 – 3 days mark. During the first phase, conditions are at the worst critical level.

This infection settles down without any intervention. Still, if the infection is not coming in control, antibiotics can work well within 48 hours after the symptoms first show.

Symptoms of Strep Throat

The most common symptoms of a strep throat infection are:

  • A sore throat adds to the overall discomfort.
  • Fever elevating at least 101ºF
  • Painful swallowing due to throat obstruction.
  • Red or pale bumps on the mouth roof.
  • Tonsils are swollen, red-colored with white patches or pus on them.
  • Throbbing headache.
  • Severe body ache.
  • Swollen lymph nodes that are tender on touch.
  • Nausea or vomiting, especially in children.

Treatment Options for Strep Throat

Antibiotics show a maximum effect on bacterial manifestation and will help ease all the symptoms of discomfort and pain for relief.

The three medications mentioned below are the most sought-after regime for treating this infection.

  • Penicillin: the dose range ranges from 250 mg twice a day to 500 mg twice a day, according to their age. Usually, a penicillin antibiotic is supposedly taken for 10 days in a row to complete one cycle.
  • Cephalexin: Cephalexin is a cephalosporin suitable for individuals with penicillin allergies. The dose is set according to body weight; for children, it is 2-4 x per day.
  • Amoxicillin: Doses as per body weight in children. The medicines are recommended 2-3 times each day at regular intervals.

Other Treatments

Medications work just fine but other methods for alleviating pain and discomfort are also there. Some of the options include gargles, warm tea or coffee, and lozenges. At the same time, medicines other than antibiotics, like over-the-counter OTC pain relievers, do the job if home remedies fail to perform.


Usually, there is no need to rush when you have a strep throat infection since it goes away on its own. But, you must contact oral cavity experts for further advice and prevention/care tips. Our dentists from Rio Dental can help. Call at (210) 785-8526 for more.



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