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Holistic Dentistry is the most comprehensive method for achieving optimal oral health. Not only does this approach help patients live longer, healthier lives; it also eliminates dangerous metals and bone infections that unleash toxins into the bloodstream. These toxins can contribute to a range of ailments such as chronic fatigue, inflammation, and digestive problems. Make the wise decision to choose a holistic dentist in San Antonio and safeguard your health now and into the future!

At our practice, we believe in taking a holistic approach to caring for your teeth. We not only examine the condition of your teeth but also look closely at the muscles, bones and airway surrounding them. This expanded outlook allows us to detect any dental issues you may be having while connecting it with other potential health problems you might have. Thanks to this comprehensive view of overall wellness, we can offer reliable solutions that create positive changes throughout all aspects of your wellbeing.

Holistic Dental Treatments in San Antonio

Reducing Pathogens

If you’re searching for a holistic dentist in San Antonio, look no further. Here at our practice, we use treatments that are both least invasive and non-toxic to remove any harmful bacteria or pathogens from your teeth and mouth. These diseases can spread throughout the body via the bloodstream if not taken care of efficiently – so trust us to provide you with access to safe and effective services!

Nutritional Support

By consuming an abundance of unprocessed whole foods free from excess sugars and additives, we can bolster our immune system. This fortification will not only protect us against infection but also aids in the healing process when sickness inevitably strikes.

Laser Treatment

Rather than relying on clunky drills or scalpels, lasers are now used for many dental procedures. Lasers are not only more accurate but can also reduce bleeding and minimize pain in comparison to traditional methods.

Home Care

Achieving proper oral hygiene is an absolute necessity for all-around wellbeing, such as your dental health. To ensure you are receiving the best care possible, we will design a customized home care routine exclusively tailored to suit your individual needs.

Amalgam Filling Removal

If you are a resident of San Antonio and have any old mercury amalgam fillings, it is absolutely essential that you seek the services of an experienced holistic dentist. With their specialized training and expertise, they will be able to provide the best care possible. These fillings contain 50% mercury, which is an incredibly poisonous neurotoxin.

Root Canals

The standard root canal treatment leaves infected pulp inside the tooth, which can lead to bacteria remaining and causing chronic illnesses. This is due to the fact that traditional root canals do not rid all of the bacterial material from its site. At Rio Dental, we employ a sophisticated root canal procedure that purges the contaminated pulp and nerve tissue, then completely disinfects and seals the whole root canal system. This exhaustive process eradicates all bacteria so you can recover fully.

Revolutionize Your Wellness with Next-Generation Holistic Health

At Rio Dental, we are passionate about supporting holistic dentistry by staying on the cutting edge of new innovative dental techniques and research. At our holistic dental clinic in San Antonio, we take a proactive approach to healing following extractions. We make sure that the sites are monitored closely so as not to miss any previously healed areas which can lead to harmful toxins being accumulated from dead bone and bacteria – potentially leading to dangerous diseases for you.

Holistic Dentist
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