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At Rio Dental, we are devoted to providing customized dental care tailored specifically to you. Our biological dentistry practice in San Antonio is committed to showing how oral health can affect your overall wellbeing. We focus on preventive treatments and use minimally-invasive approaches since the mouth acts as a gateway into the rest of your body. We understand that no two bodies are exactly alike; therefore our team strives to furnish individualized treatments for all patients respectively. Here at Rio Dental, one-size does not fit all!
Biological Dentistry Offers an All-Encompassing Approach to Health and Wellness

Just as every vertebra of the spine impacts a different part of the body, each tooth corresponds with its paired organ or action. By treating dental issues, you’re actually healing your entire being. Unfortunately, in times past many dentists disregarded how oral treatments could detrimentally affect people’s bodies – such as by using mercury and other hazardous materials.
Our advanced, all-encompassing dental technologies use minimally invasive procedures including:

  • Air abrasion
  • Mercury removal
  • Laser therapy
  • Low-radiation X-rays
  • Root canal alternatives
  • Ozone therapy
  • Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP)

Here at Rio Dental, we are aware of the negative toll that inadequate oral hygiene takes on your body. When it comes to mechanical issues like misaligned bites or teeth grinding during sleep – these can cause headaches, earaches, joint discomfort as well as insomnia! Our biological dentist in San Antonio is here to assist you on your mission to uphold optimal dental wellbeing, resulting in the reduction of toxicity levels and secondary symptoms linked with poor oral hygiene.

Biological Dentistry

What can I expect at a biological dentist?

Dr. Sidra and her team of biological dentists in San Antonio are passionate about achieving your optimal health, beauty, and wellbeing – that’s why each patient receives tailored attention. Not only do we focus on alleviating any uncertainties or anguish related to dental treatment; but also strive for an integrative approach in monitoring your medical issues as well as teaching dietary adjustments which can better preserve oral wellness and general wellbeing.
If you’re looking for mercury-free dental care, then Dr. Sidra’s practice is the perfect place to be. Not only do we avoid using amalgam fillings which contain toxic mercury, but if you happen to have any previously existing ones in your mouth at the moment – don’t worry. We are more than happy to create a tailored treatment plan so that these can be removed and replaced with materials that are safer and healthier for your body.
As a biological dental practice in San Antonio, we use restorative materials that are compatible with the body in order to reduce any adverse health effects. We are actively integrating a fluoride-free approach into their services due to its known harmful effects on our bodies.

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At Rio Dental, located in and around the great city of San Antonio, we provide our patients with a personal touch to ensure their overall health and wellness. We are experts in biological dentistry – if you’d like to learn more about how your oral health relates to whole-body well-being, give us a call today! To set up your FREE consultation on (210) 785 8526 or schedule an appointment online now — don’t delay any longer for complete dental care excellence.

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