5 Ways To Deal With A Lip Pimple

Pimples are a kind of acne that can pop up anywhere on your body. It may or may not be painful, but some areas are more frustrating and discomforting than others. This is what we can say for a lip pimple. There are many reasons for the appearance of a pimple on the lip or around it.

The main reason for a bump on the lip to grow is clogged pores because of oil entrapment in the skin pore because of excess release of oil and trapped hair follicles.

What Does It Mean To Have A Pimple On the Lip?

Primarily, a pimple that grows on your lip is exactly like it grows elsewhere and forms because of the same reasons, as well. As a matter of fact, pimples are relatively common in the lips area due to the high concentration and increased size of oil glands.

The oil traps within the pores promote the excess growth of acne-creating bacteria that contributes towards inflammation and causes red, painful bump on the lip. It is vital for you to know that they are more painful and discomforting, only in the sensitive areas, especially the lips, because of constant movement via talking, chewing, etc.

The pimple appears along the lip line and mouth corners as pinkish-red bumps that may have a white head. One thing you should keep in mind is to not confuse them with cold sores.

They have a different characteristic look and physical cause. Here is how you can distinguish between the two; cold sores start with a stinging or tingling sensation that is followed by a cluster group of tiny blisters. Cold sores happen because of the presence of the herpes simplex virus; on the other hand, pimples on the lip are caused by bacteria.

How To Get Rid Of A Pimple Around Your Lip?

Here are some ways you can easily get rid of the pimple on your lip line:

Skin Cleanse

Clean your skin thoroughly using a gentle cleanser via a washcloth or your fingertips. This helps get off any sort of dirt or bacterial load that may make your acne worse. Choose a mild one to wash your face with pimples. Do not scrub your skin hard or put harsh chemicals on it as it may irritate your skin and worsen acne.

Warm Compress on the Lip Pimple

Putting a warm compress on the bump on your lip can help accentuate the healing process. This works better for pimples that have whiteheads. All you need to do is soak a cloth piece in warm water and press it gently on the pimple for about 5- 15 minutes at a time, at least thrice a day. This works best if you have a tiny puss pimple around the lip that needs to be burst.

Do Not Touch Your Lip Pimple

We assure you not popping and avoiding the urge to touch your face greatly benefits the healing as it decreases germ and dirt.

Wash Your Face As Soon As It Feels Sweaty

Sweat worsens the acne; therefore, it is best to wash up after you get all sweaty.

Take Prescription Medication

If you are susceptible to recurrent breakouts or persistent acne, always ask your professional care giver for prescription medication.

To Conclude

In a nutshell, a lip pimple is a real painful condition. Due to their location, which are your lips, the discomfort worsens every time you move the mouth. Contact us at Rio Dental for your mouth troubles.



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